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Our Story

Hi, we are Desserts Delivered! We started trading in 2013 as one of the first EVER dessert delivery service companies. We wanted customers to experience high quality restaurant desserts from the comfort of their own homes. We wanted it to be as easy as ordering a pizza or Chinese… but with a twist (we only supply sweet products!)
We started a basic menu and hit the streets promoting. The idea was a huge hit and we started expanding rapidly, from delicious cakes we increased the variety on our menus, adding gelato ice creams, award-winning brownies and a signature cake range that is one of the most demanded in the North East!


Our idea caught the interest of a number of investors around the North East and we now have Desserts Delivered stores in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Gateshead, Durham, Middlesbrough and Sunderland with many more to come.
Every single day we receive a high volume of messages on social media asking if we deliver to cities all over the UK. For many years it broke our hearts to tell you we could only deliver around the North East and after 2 years we have finally came up with a way!

The Desserts Delivered Bakery

After years of research we have came up with a wide range of delicious miniature tower cakes and now they are all available for express delivery to any household address in the UK.
We will carefully package the cakes in high quality Desserts Delivered boxes and then use our professional couriers who will hand deliver your order in perfect condition to your front door!

The Important Bit

Every single one of our cakes are hand crafted and baked, WE DO NOT sell machine processed cakes that are made in factories. We have a team of bakers that hand make every singLe tower cake on our menu. We can assure you our cakes are made with love! Our recipes have been around for 3 years now and are in constant demand every single day in our stores across the North East so we know everyone is definitely going to love them!
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