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The Flake Cake

The Flake Cake


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The Matilda Cake

The Matilda Cake


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The Mini Egg Cake

The Mini Egg Cake


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Chunky Cookie Share Box & Dips

Chunky Cookie Share Box & Dips


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Desserts Delivered Bakery - Cake Delivery UK

Delicious desserts designed to meet your needs, baked lovingly by hand by expert professionals. Discover our fantastic collection of sweet treats, desserts and cakes online today!

The perfect cakes delivered in the UK, whatever the occasion

Nothing puts the ‘special’ in special occasion like having the perfect cakes or desserts delivered. Birthday cakes in particular are the show-stopper of any birthday celebration, and at Desserts Delivered Bakery you can have one of a kind, hand made birthday cakes delivered, and other desserts, along with accessories and even personalised messages.

Next day cake delivery

When you order before 2pm from Desserts Delivered Bakery delivery is made within just 24 hours. If you’ve left plans for an important event until the last minute, there’s no need to stress. Or perhaps you simply have the urge to spend some time out of the kitchen and want to order in baked goods made by experienced professionals. Either way, you’ve come to the right place for next day cake delivery.

Cakes for all tastes

We all have our favourite sweet treats, which is why our range of handmade, bespoke cakes are as wide as they are delicious. From classics like carrot cake, chocolate fudge and Victoria sponge to cheesecakes and brownies, there’s something for everyone here on our website. And if, like us, you find it hard to choose, why not opt for one of our fun and delectable variety boxes? Do you have specific dietary requirements? Then why not explore our selection of specialist cakes, including both vegan options and gluten free desserts.

Birthday Cake Delivery - Delivered to your door

If you want to really treat a loved one for an upcoming celebration, there’s nothing quite like a stunning birthday cake to show that you’ve put in that little bit more thought and effort for that special someone.

Birthday Cakes Delivered

Here at Desserts Delivered Bakery not only is there a delectable range of flavours and designs to choose from, but every cake within our collection is available for next day cake delivery. We have a team of expert bakers that hand make every single dessert on our menu, so you won’t find a machine-processed baked item in our listings. We’ve been creating cakes with love, care and meticulous attention to detail for the best part of a decade, and we’re proud to have built a reputation for amazing desserts delivered straight to your door.

That’s the benefit of ordering birthday cakes online.

If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I get desserts delivered near me?”, the answer is Desserts Delivered Bakery. After all, it’s in our name!

Looking for desserts delivered near me?

When it comes to any online bakery, you have the right to expect the best. We hand make our cakes with the utmost care, ensuring that each one is of the highest standard. We then ship your order straight to your door quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your delicious cake while it is still fresh and tasting great. When it comes to cake delivery, there is no other option but Desserts Delivered Bakery.

Sweet treats and cake online from Desserts Delivered Bakery

So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection of birthday cakes, other occasion cakes, brownies and sweet treats today to find exactly what you’re looking for.